About Us

Ridgeway Custom Homes LLC is a  local, family owned and operated general contractor specializing in customized single family homes and patio homes. The management and staff have many years of experience in custom home construction and design and we incorporate that experience and attention to detail into all of our homes.

Our goal on every home is to provide efficient design, top quality construction, with an emphasis on high value energy saving construction features. Additionally, we finish each home with attractive finishes inside and out, which can be customized to meet your personal tastes and lifestyle. Every home we build is independently inspected and tested to insure it meets the high energy saving standards it was designed to meet.

Our focus is specifically intended for the discriminating homeowner who prefers a home that is designed and built for a low maintenance style of living yet has all of the great features and comfort of a home to live in, entertain friends and family and simply enjoy. Many of our homeowners have decided that a home based career is a preferred work choice and many of our standard home designs can be easily converted to accommodate a part or full time home office environment while separating that workspace from the living areas in the home.

Our design staff and construction partners are locally based businesses who are familiar with our construction standards and expectations and offer continuing service of their products after the sale of the home. The vendors and suppliers on our team are anxious to help guide you with your design selections on all custom built homes and to offer the best products and values to create the look and function you desire for your home and lifestyle.

Ridgeway Custom Homes LLC looks forward to working with you to achieve the home you want and are willing to make reasonable modifications of our floor plans to achieve that goal. Please call and we’ll do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.